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Houston Anti-aging Clinic Cenegenics featuring Dr. Fein provides proactive
age management programs that maximize health throughout life.




As successful entrepreneurs, executives and family members, our elite patients know that improving their health and the quality of their aging is within their grasp and the dedicated Cenegenics 5-star team is working with them to achieve their lifelong goals.

The Cenegenics approach to the science of age management has been shown to decrease the risk of age-related disease, increase physical and sexual vitality, improve sleep quality, increase muscle tone, decrease body fat and sharpen mental acuity.

The Elite Health Baseline

As soon as you schedule your Cenegenics Elite Health appointment, we arrange your Elite Health baseline with your Cenegenics physician. This intensive set of diagnostics establishes your metabolic and physiologic baseline, revealing your greatest health strengths and weakest health links.

We use your Elite Health baseline results to develop a personalized medical program designed to help you look and feel younger, and fully rejuvenated.

Our evaluation processes help identify and meet the criteria that will place you in the lowest possible risk category for disease—and extend your health span.

Your 5-Star Team

After completing the Elite Health baseline, you meet with your Cenegenics team—physician, nutrition/exercise counselor, wellness coach and Personal Service coordinator—to review test results and embark upon your personalized Elite Health Program.

On a monthly basis, your Cenegenics team will track your progress, schedule regular check-ups and adjust your personalized Elite Health Program. In addition, you have 24-hour ready access throughout your program to our expert medical staff, service teams and extensive resources—including in-person, phone, Skype™, iChat, text messaging and FaceTime with your Cenegenics physician and nutrition/exercise counselor to answer questions and discuss progress.

Elite Health Annual Assessment

The Elite Health baseline provides you and Cenegenics an annual review for charting progress against your goals. Progress is evaluated by focusing on many factors, such as decreasing the risk of age-related disease, increasing physical and sexual vitality, improving sleep quality, increasing muscle tone, decreasing body fat and sharpening mental acuity.

Components of the Elite Health Program

Our cutting-edge programs typically incorporate:

+ 24-hour access to your support network
+ prescription medicines (when clinically indicated)
+ Disease risk management
+ Hormone optimization (when clinically indicated)
+ Online fitness and nutrition tracking on tablets, mobile devices and desktops
+ Our focus on the elements of the endocrine system stems from mounting medical research favoring a balanced combination of hormones for healthy aging. The endocrine system is responsible for cellular communication, organ function and rejuvenation.

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Certified by World Link Medical in advanced Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy, certified in Age Management Medicine by AMMG, including board certification in Internal Medical and Gastro.




Cenegenics’ cutting-edge Heart Disease & Stroke Prevention program is designed to evaluate cardiovascular risk using state-of-the-art technology and the most comprehensive laboratory testing available.

Elite Health Chart

A thorough history and physical exam—to identify risk factors such as family history, hypertension, smoking habits and metabolic syndrome.Laboratory tests—combining the expertise of the Berkeley HeartLabs and Cleveland HeartLabs.This unique and extensive testing panel most accurately predicts cardio disease risk using indicators such as genetic markers, inflammatory markers and advanced lipid panels.

Carotid Intima-Media Thickening (CIMT) testing—a noninvasive method of evaluating existing plaque and the propensity to develop future build-up. Based on the test results, the Cenegenics team will adapt your Elite Health Program to include different therapeutic courses of nutrition, exercise, physician-designed nutraceutical-grade vitamins and when necessary, pharmaceuticals to prevent a heart attack or stroke. Cenegenics is the first private company to use Panasonic’s Health Station for heart disease prevention and treatment.

The FDA-approved noninvasive ultrasound system is a highly precise device for measuring the intima-media thickness (IMT) for early detection of developing plaque.


“I cannot overstate how grateful I am for your efforts to help me become more healthy and vibrant…you gave me the keys to use that will save my life.”

-G.S., Cenegenics member, Vacaville, CA



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